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Our people are at the heart of our success...
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We are proud that we are able to offer genuinely superior technology to our customers, and we will continue to ensure that our products and service remains world leader. However, we also understand that technological superiority alone is insufficient. We aim to not only provide the best product and service, but also ensure that it is easier, faster and cheaper to use for provide joyful ownership experience.

As a business, we continuously seek opportunities to improve our operations and increase our productivity. Our efforts are aimed at using existing assets more efficiently and developing sustainable opportunities for the future.

Green Rick/Cart is proud to offer customer focused approach influences the way in which we develop, manufacture and distribute our extensive range vehicle, to ensure that you enjoy trouble free ownership of your Green Rick/Cart vehicle.

Our people are at the heart of our success and their passion contributes to the development and growth of our business, ensuring we continue to be an advanced and sustainable manufacturer.

We hope that you take your time to look over the information available on this website. Even more, we hope that we will be able to work with you to get the greatest possible value from your data.


Mr. Shishir Agrawal, Managing Director

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